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 Welcome to the traveling V-log of swimwear designer of Eleven26, Bernadette Jones!


Bucketlist Baddies- Nassau, Bahamas May 2017

Posted By Bernadette Jones on August 1, 2017



Bucketlist Baddies- Maldives April 2017

Posted By Bernadette Jones on May 10, 2017

For years, I have traveled the world, collecting stamps on my passport from unique destinations. I frequently vacationed to tropical islands across the caribbean. This grew the urge for new swimwear every time I visited the beach or a new vacation spot. I've always sought out different swimwear fits and sizes, on each encounter. The need for specific colors and styles with the accessibility to purchase them at the moment was inconvenient. 

It was then that I decided to design my own swimwear and manufacture it in Los Angeles, CA. I was absolutely astonished by the array of colors, styles, prints, and fabrics I had to choose from. Each and every "Eleven26" swimsuit is handcrafted and precisely perfected to give you that amazing finishing fit that you all are seeking.

In this travel vlog you will get to experience me traveling the world, wearing my one of a kind swimwear pieces all while entertaining you on my trips. I will discuss the food, culture, costs, and recommendations. This will be a perfect opportunity to connect with my audience, allowing you the privilege to feel the urge as if you are there with me. 

Soon, I will be providing the opportunity for women all over the world to plan trips with me, wearing Eleven26 swimwear as we check off our bucketlist and collect those stamps!

My first video will be of my trip to Maldives April 2017. I am super excited and hope you enjoy. Please feel free to leave comments, questions, and feedback on the youtube channel. Thank you!