Eleven26 is a female based brand, designed in Miami, FL but manufactured in Los Angeles, CA. We take pride in selecting unique fabrics and materials to construct all of our items. Each product is hand sewn by our contracted team whom we have been working with for years. 

Inspiration of the brand 

When I graduated high school, I had this urgency to travel. Born and raised in Miami, I was always close to the Caribbean islands. The thrill and excitement to finally live a joyous life was at my fingertips, as I yearned to explore the world. However, there was one problem, I really disliked all the bikinis that were being sold in stores for my age group. So for each vacation, I will go to my local tailor in the neighborhood and design bikinis just for my individual self and trip. The swimwear were neon colors, long sleeves, thongs, 90s cut - styles that were more appealing to my body type and confidence level. Immediately, I would receive so many bikini inquires and compliments. It was at that moment, I knew to fulfill my dream, take this to the next level. So here I am, growing up wanting to study criminal law to now wanting to pursue an entire career as a swimwear designer. 

In transition, I've later decided to move to Los Angeles to chase my dreams, granted I didn't tell anyone about this unexpected move. I just knew it was the right decision. While in Los Angeles, I've been to countless meetings, done tons of research, walked long blocks, networking with businesses and individuals to obtain the knowledge and manufacture I have.


Fast forward to 3 years later, I have opened a store front in Miami, FL with all Eleven26 beautiful swimwear for all body types. This has been a long fulfilling journey. Thank you for visiting us, we appreciate all your support. 



Bernadette Jones