Why Did I Start A Swimwear Company?

Designing swimwear has been very overwhelming yet therapeutic for me. When my mom past away, I was young, a newly high school graduate, very depressed, and my entire outlook on life changed. I no longer wanted to finish my college courses. I didn't want to be in the same city no more because it haunted me so bad with all the memories we shared there. I didn't have the childhood dream to attend law school anymore. Everything changed when my mom past, it was almost as if I didn't know who I was or what my purpose on earth was. All I knew, was that I had to get away from Miami, even if it was for a couple hours or couple days. Escaping the pain and memories temporarily was a much better feeling than drowning myself in misery in my city. So there I was, no mom, out in the world alone with my siblings. 

I started traveling to escape the pain, the feeling, the hurt. I was amazed at how different other countries were, the food, people, lifestyle, and most importantly the beaches. My first, and now favorite country to visit, was Nassau, Bahamas. I took a cruise there with two of my friends. The entire trip I complained about my swimsuits, I felt as though my vacation photos would've looked better had my swimsuit would've been a certain style or color. 

That's when it dawned on me to start my own swimsuit company. On my phone notepad, I started to jot down ideas and color ways as to what type of swimsuits were of my interest. I'm young, sexy, attractive and dark skinned so I knew neon colors would look absolutely amazing on my skin. I wanted to show off my curves with unique cuts and thongs. I desired to bring super sexy swimsuits back to the market. My designs allowed me to express my personality. 

In the year 2017, I moved to Los Angeles from Miami, FL and decided to put all my energy and effort into designing swimwear that I wanted to see other women wear. From that moment forward, no matter how many obstacles I faced with the development of my company, I knew this was my calling, my passion. 

Thank you for reading, it means a lot to me, for my supporters to understand my brand.

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